At Warren Services LLC, we take safety as our first priority. Presidents of the company of Warren Services LLC have been OHSA certified. All of our employees have been trained and practice the everyday safety precautions of the workplace. We provide all of our workers with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The PPE includes works boots, gloves, safety glasses, clothing for the proper job, and ear protection. All of our employees are drug tested. Every week our workers attend a mandatory meetings with our office personnel to ensure that our workers are up to date with their safety and PPE. 



Here are 5 facts about workplace safety violations.

1. The Average OSHA Fine Is Just Over $1,000

If you’re having cash flows issues with your business right now, the last thing that you need is to pay a $1,000+ fine. Yet, that is the average fine against businesses in violation of OSHA regulations back in 2010.

2. About A Quarter Of Workplace Injuries Are Due To Overexertion

Manual labor can be strenuous.

Injuries that are the result of pushing, lifting, pulling, carrying, and/or holding cost businesses a combined nearly $13 billion annually. That also amounts to more than 25% of costs related to workplace injuries.

Another interesting statistic: Falling on the same level (such as walking on a flat surface and tripping over one’s feet) is the #2 cause of all disabling injuries. That incident costs employers almost $8 billion annually.

3. Hazardous Materials Lead To 10% Of Skin Cancers

Hazardous materials kill almost 440,000 employees annually, according to the International Labour Organization. That organization also says that 10% of reported skin cancers are caused by workplace exposure to hazardous materials.

4. Workplace Safety Programs Can Reduce Injuries By Half

If you own a business that doesn’t have a workplace safety program in place, be advised that you can reduce injuries by 50% if you add one. That’s according to the American Society of Safety Engineers.

5. Every Day, 6,000 People Die Due To Workplace Injury

On an average day, about 6,000 people will die because of workplace-related diseases or accidents, according to the International Labour Organization. That amounts more than 2 million workplace deaths annually. Interestingly enough, about five times as many people die from workplace related illness than die because of an accident on the job.

Workplace safety is easy to forget about, because it seems as though the day-to-day operations of the business are so time consuming that they leave little room for other matters. However, accidents and illnesses related to employment are a serious matter. Statistics related to workplace safety, such as the ones cited above, should be taken seriously.